Transforming Employee Engagement

RSA aligns company and employee priorities.

The Challenge

Following significant business issues, including profit warnings and senior management departures, RSA knew that it needed to move away from traditional employee surveys to rebuild trust with staff and gain greater insight into operations.

The Solution

Working with Tivian, RSA created YouRSAy, a new type of employee survey that is more social and encourages staff to give feedback in their own words, rather than through prescriptive scoring systems. By combining free-text questions, advocacy, and replacing rating numbers with sentiment-based feedback, RSA can align the survey with company and employee priorities. It aims to deliver tangible, richer, and more timely insights to help transform the business.
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The Results

RSA increased qualitative feedback leading to significant strategic change and cost reductions of more than 40%. With faster delivery of survey results, the company saw greater engagement with staff and significant cultural change within the organisation.

“Business benefits have included increased engagement, authentic feedback and insight, over 40% reduced costs, rich input into strategic projects, and, most importantly, cultural change.”
Kam Somal

Group Head of Organisational Development at RSA

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