MX Analytics

Increase your market intelligence by collecting and analyzing your customer data to make informed decisions for your business

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Personalize your content

Customers have ever-changing needs and demands from purchase decisions to usage habits, requiring companies to take a strategic and flexible approach to target their product users and messaging. Leverage your market experience analytics to improve customer satisfaction and brand awareness and increase your business competitiveness.

Get the full picture of your customers’ wants and gain valuable insights to make decisions on your products and services in one platform with Tivian’s MX analytics solutions.

Know your customers

Trend analysis

Identify trends and filter and benchmark data to identify valuable information to drive decisions and act on data patterns


Forecast your trend data into the future using a wide range of pre-defined forecasting models

Driver analysis

Identify the driving factors in your data and understand which factors impact your business KPIs like NPS and others

Action Management

Give managers the actionable information to allow them to make better decisions and reduce risk

3rd party integrations

Form a holistic strategy and approach by integrating all of your data into one place

Text analytics

Improve your business results by harnessing the voice of your employees and customers

Generate business insights effectively and efficiently

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