An Irresistible Employee Experience

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Looking for an irresistible employee experience?

Fantastic! We’re so thrilled you’re looking for something incredible. Incredible is what we’re striving for at Tivian.

Why? Because the employee market is in turmoil, statistics show that 3.4% of employees are leaving their current position every month. That’s a third of the workforce every year! And this is the market problem we are helping customers address.

Several factors are driving this change:

Tivian helps companies manage these issues by optimizing the Employee Experience. Through our approach to Intelligence Experience Management (XI) coupled with our solutions, Heads of HR can generate AI-based insights around their employee experience and deliver targeted communications and education to address key issues. The result is employees who feel happier in their roles are more productive and less likely to leave.

We are a global high-growth company with:

With Tivian, you’ll own your zone; you may work with some of the most well-known companies, contribute to product or strategy, or grow new territories and accounts.  You will experiment and find what works. Then execute with the support of collaborative and engaging teams, propelling you forward. We’re working together to create an entirely new category in this rapidly evolving market. The experience might change your career forever!

Tivian’s core values include: