Attract and retain the right talent by maximizing the moments that matter most in your employee experience


Follow your employee’s journey

From recruiting to onboarding and engagement to exit interviews and alumni, how your organization supports its employees at every step in their employment journey directly impacts satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Prioritizing exceptional experiences ensures you cultivate your greatest asset: your people.

Optimize the moments that matter most in your employee’s journey and map out the critical touchpoints where improvements can help the overall experience. Tivian’s Employee Lifecycle solution gives you a holistic view of your organization’s employee journey from entry to exit.

Listen to your employees at every stage in their employment journey

Holistic oversight

Improve the processes and identify the drivers of engagement and belonging by capturing insights at critical steps along the employee journey

Actionable insights

Intuitive role-based dashboards highlight critical areas of focus and track trends over time

Impact analysis

Measure and monitor the impact of improvement initiatives to ensure you are building loyalty and engagement

eNPS tracking

Measure the impact of employee experiences on your employee’s willingness to promote your business, both as an employer and as a provider of products and services

Tivian’s Employee Lifecycle solution enables you to improve your employee experience at every stage

  • Entry pulse: collect qualitative and quantitative feedback as soon as an employee starts to identify expectations and first impressions
  • Onboarding pulse: collect feedback during the onboarding process to maximize learning and potential in your onboarding program
  • Engagement pulse: Weekly check-ins to adjust and improve your employee experience
  • On-demand self-service surveys: Give your managers the freedom to get feedback from their team at any time that suits them
  • Exit pulse: interview exiting employees to address issues and improve the journey for future employees

Tivian's complete suite of solutions helps organizations capture and act on insights from their employees, customers, and the market

Employee Engagement

High levels of employee engagement lead to better business performance, making it crucial to measure, analyze, and continuously improve and mobilize your employee experience.

Leadership 360

Identify the moments that matter most in your employee’s journey and map out the critical stages where improvements can help the overall experience and performance.

Diversity & Inclusion

Build a more inclusive company culture and root out inequality and unconscious bias by examining and addressing collective traits.

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