Better understand the impact of your customer experience initiatives and learn more about your customers to deliver personalized experiences


Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

Meet the ever-increasing demands of your customers by understanding their wants and needs and predicting the impact their experiences with your organization have on their behavior. A change in your customer experience program could lead to reduced customer churn or higher customer value. Customers behave differently and require different experiences to develop brand loyalty and advocacy.

Standard reporting and analytics will not give you the insights you need to answer these questions. Relying on lagging indicators means you will never be ahead of the game. Tivian’s CX analytics combines cutting-edge technology, data science, and people-centric design to bring you the insights you need. From advanced segmentation to predictive analytics, we can help you extract even more insights from your experience and financial and operational data.

Harness your customer data to gain meaningful and actionable insights

Financial impact analysis

Easily quantify the financial impact of your experience programs by understanding the effects on key performance indicators such as customer acquisition, retention, and customer value

Predictive analysis

Stop being reactive, start thinking ahead; deliver exceptional customer experiences, predict sales, and establish loyalty

Driver analysis

Identify the experiences that have the most significant impact on your customer’s behavior so you can focus your time where improvement matters most v

Customer segmentation and persona analysis

Better understand the types of customers you have to deliver more tailored and personalized experiences

Group comparisons

Use dashboards and heatmaps to help you spot correlations and trends across your customer base and configure them to include your most important customer data

Enhance your customer value with Tivian's CX Analytics

  • Data ingestion and transformation
  • Single view of connected disparate data sources
  • Semi-automatic feature engineering
  • Bring your own AI: take control and specify your own models
  • Text analysis
  • Intuitive and easy to use dashboards
  • Configurable KPIs
  • Links to action planning

Tivian's complete suite of solutions helps organizations capture and act on insights from their employees, customers, and the market

Employee Engagement

High levels of employee engagement lead to better business performance, making it crucial to measure, analyze, and continuously improve and mobilize your employee experience.

Employee Lifecycle

Optimize the moments that matter most in your employee’s journey and map out the critical stages where improvements can help the overall experience and performance.

Leadership 360

Nurture existing and future leaders at all levels of your organization with our easy-to-use, on-demand solution for leadership development.

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