Tivian’s software is elegant and easy to use. That’s because it’s powered not only by technology, but by a belief: employee experience mattersBusinesses get better when you listen, learn and leverage insight to improve. So what exactly is Intelligent Experience Management, or XI, and how did it evolve?

“The purpose of an organization is to enable ordinary humans beings to do extraordinary things.”

Peter Drucker


Like the legendary Peter Drucker, we also feel we can “enable ordinary human beings to do extraordinary things.” We recognize that employees yearn for a new level of human investment in the work they do. Yes, they want better pay, working conditions and benefits. But they also seek meaning. For an organization, discovering this deeper meaning takes time, and acting on it takes energy. There needed to be a system. This unique challenge was the spark behind Intelligent Experience Management, or XI.

These ideas are simple, yet often lost in the digital noise of today's workplace.

A powerful foundation

We synthesized Peter Drucker’s timeless, simple idea: employee experience matters. But how do you create cutting-edge software that puts those ideas in action in a rapidly-changing, digital, often dispersed workforce? This is the problem we set out to solve

Discover XI

We went to work creating a platform that allows businesses to listen to feedback and make changes quickly. Our innovations were wildly successful and adopted by companies like BMW, New York Life, and Boden. We added AI and machine learning to improve and transform data collection and analysis. But as the speed of change increased, we recognized there was still more we could do. 

Enter Communicate XI

Deploying a world-class communication tool was the next step to creating a 360-degree conversation. It is essential that employees believe their insights are being heard, and that employers can then communicate that message in a way that feels familiar. Even fun.  With the circle complete, – insights+action –  XI was born.

Bringing it together

We believe what we’ve created is revolutionary. Now, organizations can improve the employee experience based on real data in a targeted, dynamic and personalized way. In a world of rapid change, Tivian helps businesses stay ready with the only 360-degree software solution. 

"In an era of workplace upheaval, companies that create tailored, authentic experiences strengthen employee purpose, ignite energy, and elevate organization-wide performance."

— McKinsey & Company

Tivian recognizes that money is no longer the only motivating factor for employees. Enhancing the employee experience is also critical to a company’s success.

Tivian’s software helps organizations discover their employees’ sense of purpose on a deeper level, and communicates potential solutions. The result is energy. 

A personalized employee experience is becoming an expectation, and the companies who can truly empathize with their people will always have a competitive edge.

Our Leadership Team

Audun Stuland


Michael Parillo

Michael Parillo


Dörthe Minde

Group General Counsel

Jun Iijima

Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing

Jonathan Pyefinch


What's next for Tivian.

We’re deploying cutting-edge technologies like knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence to make feedback more accessible, less intrusive, more intelligent, and more available to everyone who needs it.

And we’re already experimenting with new sources of insight, like biometric data, facial expressions, and natural language processing, to deepen our insights and make them more applicable to everyday business decisions.

Our partners

We’ve spent 20 years building partnerships with the world’s leading technology, consulting, and research companies. By joining our partner ecosystem, you get full access to our technology and expertise as well as our partners’.

Tivian's complete suite of solutions helps organizations capture and act on insights from their employees, customers, and the market

Employee Experience

Transform your culture with our flexible solution, scalable to any listening program, from large-scale annual engagement to locally managed programs.

Customer Experience

Build trust with your customer base with our responsive platform designed to elevate every step of the buyer’s experience.

Market Experience

Conduct sophisticated market research with our highly-flexible platform with dynamic dashboards and panels, adaptable to suit almost any project, no matter how complex.

Organizational Experience

Make social responsibility and corporate integrity a top priority for your business to build trust and transparency and protect against unmitigated risk with Governance, Risk and Compliance.