Build trust and loyalty with your customer base with our responsive CX platform designed to elevate every step of the buyer’s experience


Understand your customers

Customers have higher expectations than ever, and to meet those expectations you need to truly understand their wants and needs. Our platform helps customer success teams and managers better understand their customers, providing actionable insights that allow them to deliver truly unique and exceptional experiences.
Tivian’s flexible, scalable platform can support all of your experience management programs, from annual customer satisfaction to targeted, event-driven follow-ups.

Why Tivian?

All-in-one platform

Improve every aspect of the customer experience. From annual customers satisfaction, to touchpoint tracking through to closed loop feedback, manage all of your CX programs from one easy-to-use platform.

Unparalleled flexibility

Every organization is unique. Whatever your size, structure, strategy, or goals, we configure our solution to meet your needs, from the design of the interface through to dashboards and reporting.


Break down information silos for a more complete picture of your customer.

Manager empowerment

Give your managers the capabilities and the insights they need to improve the customer experience.

Personalized reporting

Persona based dashboards ensure your users are only seeing the information relevant to them, from single location dashboards through to full organizational CX performance ones.

Automatic responses

Get automated alerts on negative feedback so you can reach out and solve the problem before it leaves a lasting impression.

Collaboration and ideation

Harness the insights of your employees to identify new and improved ways of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Tivian's complete suite of solutions helps organizations capture and act on insights from their employees, customers, and the market

Customer Lifecycle

Listen to your customers at every stage as they interact with your business and use insights to curate an experience that keeps them coming back.


Tivian’s Salespulse is a native Salesforce app that enables you to maximize the returns of your sales teams’ efforts while continuously improving the customer experience.

CX Analytics

Make data-driven decisions by using intelligent insights to refine and improve your customer experience strategy.

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