DISCOVER xi: uncover insights AND build trust

With analytics and cutting-edge AI technology, DISCOVER XI helps your company capture and harness experience data to drive deeper insights, improve decision-making, and create a happier workplace.

Take the pulse of your employees to understand what they need. Then watch transformation happen.

Smarter surveys

Simple, fun, targeted, and personalized surveys make getting answers intuitive and easy

Action planning &

Collaborate and ideate to ensure that improvements are focused in the right areas


Live dashboards, role-based information, and PDF/PPT reports improve insights fast


Our self-service solutions bring the power of employee intelligence to everyone

Employee journey tracking

Provide a superior employee experience throughout the full lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding right through to exit. Understand why candidates drop out or leave poor reviews and why employees stall and leave in year one.

Best-in-class dashboards and reporting

From sophisticated Tableau dashboards to templated and configurable reports and dashboards, we provide the right information to the right users at the right time. Analysts can dive deep into the data, while managers can see their key insights in seconds.

All from one platform

The way you want it, when you want it—our technology makes it easy to find the answers you need. Launch surveys and get your results instantly with intuitive dashboards that guide you toward the actions that matter. 

Continuous listening

Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization with a continuous listening solution that shows you how your employees are feeling and what can be done to improve their working lives.

Change happens.

Discover XI
harnesses the power of the world’s leading data analysis and visualization tools to uncover the employee insights you need.

Annual engagement surveys

Get a holistic picture of the health of your entire organization

pulse surveys

Get more frequent feedback from your organization while avoiding fatigue


Use weekly check-ins to stay up to date on what is working and what is not

On-demand, self-service surveys

Give your managers the freedom to get feedback on topics that matter

“Business benefits have included increased engagement, authentic feedback and insight, over 40% reduced costs, rich input into strategic projects, and, most importantly, cultural change.”

Kam Somal

Group Head of Organizational Development at RSA

Transform the employee experience.

Traditional survey approaches aren’t working for today’s employees. Join hundreds of enterprises that are reimagining employee feedback and taking timely action to create an irresistible employee experience.