Grow your business fast by investing in employee experience management software. Here’s a look at how Tivian helps companies find the insights and provide the actions that make their workplace irresistible.

What is employee experience?

The term “employee experience” – or simply EX – has made its way into HR discussions to a level where it’s nearly ubiquitous. But what is EX and how do you provide it?

If you’re a savvy business leader (and you’re here, so you must be), you know EX must be more than company values painted on the wall, a weekly yoga night, and a designer cake on birthdays. You’d be right. In a world of work rocked by staggering change, EX is the single most important thing leaders can provide to support their employees. 

Moments that matter.

EX is everything an employee experiences at your company, from the moment they apply for the job to the moment they move on. Every nuance, shift in position, organizational change, and personal relationship. It’s the vibe of the company, the technical tools, the leadership, the physical space, and the structure. It’s, well, the experience of the employee.

Understanding this experience is the key to building a strong, trusting team that thrives, all while riding out the waves of change battering today’s workplace. It’s also the key to surviving as a business. 


Yet, a Gartner survey revealed that only 13% of employees are fully satisfied with their work experience. Obviously, companies are falling far short of providing the experience employees expect.

A Gartner survey revealed that only 13% of employees are fully satisfied with their work experience.

It's not (just) about the money.

Employee experience management goes far beyond benefits and compensation. While money will always matter, today’s employees have more complex issues like trust, meaning, inspiration, corporate responsibility, and addressing diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging.

And while the workplace was already changing, the pandemic accelerated everything. Remote working, complex digital platforms, and shortened product runways upended the traditional concept of work-life balance and caused employees to question all the conventional structures behind work.

The "Great Resignation" is real.

Add in the startling statistics behind what’s being labeled The Great Resignation (4 million Americans quit their jobs in one month in 2021), and it quickly becomes clear: the old model is dead. Now, providing what our partner Deloitte calls an “irresistible organization” is critical. Employees want more.

This raises a critical new question: in a rapidly changing workplace, how do you discover, create, and communicate a meaningful employee experience? How do you transform the Great Resignation into the Great Attraction?

How do you:

Tivian’s Employee Experience Management Software and Solutions can help.

Tivian’s employee experience management software is designed to uncover insights and inspire action. We’ve created employee experience management software that tackles today’s complex workplace head-on. It’s literally our obsession. AI and machine learning, elegant design, and a delightful content experience are the foundation of our powerful software. 

So, how does Tivian work? 

Tivian’s software is uniquely flexible. Start with one of our nine pre-built solutions, or design a custom version that specifically fits your unique business.

Let’s take a closer look at our Leadership 360 solution as one example of how Tivian can discover, communicate, and redefine the employee experience. Organizations can apply the same process and principles to any of our solutions.

Managing in a complex world

It’s no secret employees need to feel they are developing at work. Rousing town halls and earnest one-on-ones no longer cut it. Employees want exposure to different experiences, roles, teams, and projects. Ignore their feedback, and they’ll leave the company, leaving you to restart with costly hiring and training. The research backs this up. 44% of employees felt that their company doesn’t value their development.

As management is pulled kicking and screaming into the modern workplace, they’re finding the old approaches no longer deliver, particularly with today’s dispersed, complex, project-based businesses. Companies need to transform their leadership methods to meet the needs for a satisfying employee experience. It’s no longer a simple ‘nice to have.’ It’s survival.

With the power of Discover XI and Communicate XI, you can streamline your leadership survey feedback and put it into action. According to studies, the estimated results of a leadership transformation are indisputable.

  • 9% reduction in staff turnover
  • 2x revenue growth
  • 8x profit growth
  • Discover XI finds insights

Empower your leaders with Discover XI.

To find the right insights, you need the right technology and a proven methodology. Whether you have a large enterprise or an SMB, Leadership 360 running on Discover XI can uncover the keys to transform your company’s employee experience. Create the right survey questions and analyze the results in a completely new way. 

Use our standard templates or innovate with something completely custom. Uncover the blindspots. Who needs improvement? Who is doing great? How can management do better?

Act on what you've learned.

The most crucial aspect of any evaluation is results. The entire point of a well-constructed survey is to change your business for the better. Tivian’s Leadership 360 provides robust data that allows you to survive – and design – change. 

If, for example, you’ve learned company leadership is scoring low in “communicating a vision,” you know where to allocate budget and hours. Now, your managers can turn their insights directly into actions. Using a personalized dashboard and Tivian’s unique training and communications module, leaders can create trust and drive meaningful change.

“The tool is really awesome … it's clearly reflecting the essence of our transformation journey as a company … simple, digital, flexible, liquid, pragmatic, and full of value. I already started the process and cascaded this in all my leadership teams.”

Head of Procurement, LATAM
Top 5 Global Pharma & Agrochemical Company

Communicate XI:
Go beyond feedback.

It’s not enough to discover data and put it on the shelf. You have to act. The next step is a compelling communication plan. That’s why our two platforms – Discover XI and Communicate XI –  work so well together. It’s what makes Tivian unique.

In our hypothetical Leadership 360 scenario, you’ve discovered your team isn’t completely sold on your company vision. Don’t worry. It happens. The Communicate XI platform allows leadership to create and run efficient campaigns to deliver content to your team that helps solve the problem, wherever they are. 

This is where it gets fun.

Need a refreshed Mission, Vision, Values initiative and want it delivered in a series of quick two-minute videos? Work with our team to craft original, dynamic content, use one of our many styles templates, or create your own content. 

Communicate XI takes inspiration from modern, data-driven marketing tactics, allowing you to cut through the noise with targeted, personalized campaigns supporting many channels, like video, email, SMS, web, and print.

Your employees now understand exactly how important your company vision is. 

Congratulations! You've just enhanced your employee experience with Tivian.

Now, your always-connected, content-hungry teams can experience the results of their feedback and insights. Not once a year, but continuously and quickly! Pro tip: keep going with the designer birthday cake. 

They like that too.

Employee Engagement

High levels of employee engagement lead to better business performance, making it crucial to measure, analyze, and continuously improve and mobilize your employee experience.

Employee Lifecycle

Optimize the moments that matter most in your employee’s journey and map out the critical stages where improvements can help the overall experience and performance.

Leadership 360

Nurture existing and future leaders at all levels of your organization with our easy-to-use, on-demand solution for leadership development.