Repair and maintenance is an important revenue stream for Retailers. Improve Retailer/Dealership performance in the Automotive Sector with Tivian’s Repair Quality Control (RQC) solution.

Transform quality control issues into opportunities

The process of conducting quality control is often paper-based, labor intense, and data is not easy to analyze. Valuable time is wasted that should be better spend improving the customer relationship. With Tivian’s Repair Quality Control (RQC) solution, OEMs and Retailers can turn cumbersome quality control procedures into opportunities to improve performance and profit. It’s streamlined, data-driven quality process can also protect your business from potential litigation.

Ask us how we helped transform the quality control of one of Germany's most respected automobile brands.

A data-driven approach to Quality Control

Quality Control is performed by senior technicians or workshop leaders to ensure that all work on the vehicle meets quality standards. Quality checks are entered into mobile devices and data is automatically transferred to the analysis dashboards. 

QC is done on a sample of the total repair work (between 6%-10%), although number of checks performed is a management decision and does not affect the solution or workflows. National Sales Centers can give all Retailers/Dealers a monthly target for the number of checks to be performed based on their vehicle throughputs.

Each repair type has a specific number of checklists appropriate to the repair type with pass/fail, comments, and image upload options to provide details and visual evidence. All data relating to the technician, quality controller, retailer/dealer, vehicle ID, model, etc. are recorded allowing for instant automated analysis. Access to the solution can be governed by the NSC internal system via single sign-on or administered manually.

The Tivian approach to RQC is a game-changer.

The integrated analysis highlights core issues and trends and enables a higher focus on quality. Results can be seen within the first 3 months of adoption.

Tivian’s RQC solution also highlights training needs for technicians, and is easy to maintain and update to changing needs. It’s a modern, data-driven solution to an age-old problem. 

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