Drive business performance by developing existing and future leaders across your organization

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The need for strong leadership has never been greater. Fostering your existing and next generation of leaders helps cultivate a culture that allows your business to stay competitive. Ensure your company has the leadership skills needed to remain agile by giving your employees the tools to harness their drive, develop their skills, and reach their full potential.

Our easy-to-use, self-service solution for leadership development allows your leaders to hone the skills they will need to lead your business forward.

Next generation leadership development

Available for everyone

Put your leaders in control of their own development with a solution for all levels of your organization that can be up and running in minutes

Actionable insights

Real-time analytics and reports increase self-awareness by highlighting strengths and development areas and recommended actions that guide leaders towards meaningful improvement

Control and visibility

Centralized tools for HR allow you to monitor and govern your leadership development program

See the big picture

Executive dashboards allow you to identify trends and patterns across different regions and leader demographics to help inform your approach to leadership development

Take your leaders to the next level with Tivian’s leadership development solution

  • Flexible model: get going quickly with our Transformational Leadership Model or configure the solution to incorporate your own leadership framework
  • Internal and external feedback: leaders can get feedback from those that know them best, be that internal colleagues or external partners and customers
  • Easy to use: simply roll out to your employees, and they can initiate evaluations with no help needed from HR
  • Intuitive results: from interactive dashboards to printable PDF reports, your leaders will be able to understand their results and know where to focus their efforts
  • HR oversight: monitoring and overview dashboards mean HR has visibility of adoption and a complete picture of the leadership profile across the business

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