Panel provider respondi is even closer to the consumer thanks to Tivian’s panel software.

The Challenge

Panel provider respondi faces the challenges of competition, time, cost, and quality every day. In recent years, market research institutes and field service providers are seeing tighter budgets, more pressure on cost, and increasing quality demands from clients. To continue delivering high-quality market research despite the price pressure, many are forced to rethink their own processes and infrastructure. Since the quality of a study begins with the selection of respondents, respondi needed a reliable partner for the expansion and maintenance of its panels.

The Solution

With the Enterprise Feedback Suite (EFS) from Tivian, respondi has been successfully using software that combines all the functions required to set up a panel and efficiently control and manage it on a single platform. The EFS platform forms the infrastructural basis for the company’s business model. All respondi employees work with just one platform, through which they handle all project steps: From quotes, to panel management, to the implementation of projects. As the only online feedback software platform, Tivian’s software combines a high level of functional depth and flexibility, with intuitive usability. This means that even complex projects can be carried out quickly and without great effort, allowing respondi to deploy its staff in a resource and cost-efficient manner, with quality standards that satisfy customers.

The Results

Over the years, the company has grown rapidly. After starting with four employees, 50 employees now look after 350 satisfied customers at three locations in Cologne, Paris, and London. Every year, up to 2.5 million surveys are carried out via the EFS platform in over 2,000 projects.

The respondi panel now comprises over 300,000 people from all over Europe. Over 300 pieces of profile information are managed for each participant and updated automatically on a regular basis. This means respondi can select very specific target groups for any type of market research project at the touch of a button, for precisely tailored insights on the client side. Tivian provides respondi with the basis for implementing projects quickly, reliably, and, above all, cost-effectively. Automated processes, a responsive layout, secure data hosting on certified servers, and constant further development of the software all play a significant role in making the panel provider a leader in its industry today.

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