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Employees who enjoy their work and are highly committed to your organization will positively impact your overall performance. Their high levels of engagement lead to improved retention, productivity, and loyalty, which ultimately improves business results.

Continuously improve your employee experience by capturing, analyzing, and measuring their insights and making the changes they believe will be most impactful. Our employee engagement solution makes it easy to pinpoint experience, engagement, and productivity drivers, so you can act in real-time to create a world-class company culture.

Employ a holistic listening strategy to get the right insights at the right time to improve employee engagement

Annual engagement surveys

Get a holistic picture of the health of your entire organization and establish a baseline against which you can measure the impact of improvement initiatives.

Employee pulse surveys

Get more frequent feedback from your organization whilst/while avoiding survey fatigue, using our flexible employee pulse technology.

Weekly check-ins

Use weekly check-ins to stay up-to-date on what is working and what is not working for your employees.

On-demand self-service surveys

Give your managers the freedom to get feedback from their team on a topic that matters to them and at any time that suits them.

Gather insights, understand, and take action

Frequently check in on team sentiment and performance with Qubie and Qubie for MS Teams

Qubie is Tivian’s team improvement solution that puts feedback and insights into the hands of teams 24/7, from weekly vibes to in-depth leadership and team diagnostics on-demand. Qubie is available as a standalone web application or as a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams.

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