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Regularly gathering their insights can help you make more informed decisions and prepare your business for the future. But to make more informed, data-driven decisions, you need to make sense of your data – all of it.

Analyzing your employee insights alongside your customer data, financial data, and operational data allows you to answer critical questions, such as which of your employees are most at risk of churn or how your employee experience impacts customer satisfaction. Standard reporting and analytics won’t give you the answers you need, and relying on lagging indicators means you are never ahead of the game. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology, data science, and people-centric design, Tivian’s EX analytics gives you a comprehensive view of the health of your organization to help you build a high-performing culture.

Harness your employee data to gain meaningful and actionable insights

Financial impact analysis

Easily quantify the financial impact of your experience programs by understanding the effects on key performance indicators such as retention and performance

Predictive analysis

Stop being reactive, start thinking ahead; deliver exceptional employee experiences, and predict employee and customer retention, advocacy, and much more

Driver analysis

Identify the experiences that have the most significant impact on your employee’s performance so you can focus your time where improvement matters most

Employee segmentation and persona analysis

Better understand your employee’s wants and needs to deliver more tailored and personalized experiences

Group comparisons

Use dashboards and heatmaps to spot correlations and trends across your workforce and configure them to include your most important employee data

Optimize your workforce and positively impact business performance with Tivian’s EX Analytics

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