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We live in an ever-changing and unpredictable world where businesses are increasingly looked upon to set integrity and transparency examples. The most important currency in business today is trust and social responsibility. Corporate integrity is a core performance lever, even outweighing your employee and customer experiences in importance.

Protecting your business from unforeseen risk takes a planned and integrated approach. Without engaging your people in GRC, you will not be able to achieve your true business potential. Our flexible platform helps you establish and improve GRC, providing you the right recommendations to address uncertainty and protect your business.

Why trust Tivian's GRC solutions?

Reduce redundancies

Centralize all GRC activities to reduce costs, establish objectives, and implement consistent, repeatable processes

Gain visibility

Gather information from your workforce to quickly and efficiently and receive real-time alerts for escalation issues so that you can take action

Break down silos

Integrate GRC across your organization so that the right people get the right assessments at the right times

Scale compliance

Identify, track, and mitigate risk both internally and across third-party relationships as your business evolves

Maintain business continuity

Test the effectiveness of your compliance programs and make adjustments with recommendations based on leading regulations and standards

Build trust

Building trust is the prerequisite for innovation and effectiveness

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