Gather, understand, and act on employee and customer feedback with intelligent experience management.

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Tivian Acquires GuideSpark To Revolutionize The Employee Experience

The strategic acquisition transforms how companies communicate and engage their workforce through end-to-end HR solutions that make businesses better with the first Intelligent Experience Management platform for HR.

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Experience is everything

We live in an experience economy which impacts your business.

Your competitors can match you on most things, from pricing to job benefits. But no one can match the experience you provide. Your ability to offer great experiences is what makes your company unique.

Our tools make it easier for you to gather, understand, and act on feedback from customers and employees. This helps you understand your unique strengths and find areas for improvement.

We are moving from XM to XI

Organizations understand the importance of the customer and employee experience to business success today. That’s why leading brands have embraced experience management (XM). But in a fast-changing world, this doesn’t go far enough – it is passive and can focus on bottom-up data collections rather than using the data to drive actions and decisions based on that insight.

At Tivian, we take a more comprehensive approach – what we call  Intelligent Experience Management or XI.  We give organizations the power to act on employee, customer, and market insights and improve their company governance through analytics and AI. Our goal is to provide you with a competitive advantage and help drive corporate effectiveness.

Our technology

We believe that everyone in your company should be able to gather, understand, and act on experience data. And that every customer and employee should be able to make themselves heard.

That’s why we’re using cutting-edge technologies like knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence to make experience data more accessible, less intrusive, and more available to everyone who wants to make a difference.

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Our platform

Our platform makes it easy for you to listen to what people are saying, identify key trends in the data, and take action to drive corporate effectiveness.

Why Tivian?

Why Tivian?

Tailored to you

Every organization is different. Our products can be tailored to match your unique needs.

Expert advisors

We don’t just gather data. Our experts are always here to help you ask the right questions, analyze results, and make action plans.

Powerful technology

We offer the most sophisticated customer and employee experience platforms on the market.

Trusted by market leaders

Leading researchers like Deloitte, Karian & Box, Kantar, and Ipsos rely on our tools to better understand employees, customers, and markets.

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