2021 HR Tech Award Winner for Best DEI-Enabling Solution


We are thrilled to share that Tivian’s CultureQuest solution is the 2021 HR Tech Award winner for Best DEI-Enabling Solution: An integrated solution that supports critical diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives with data-driven insights.


Most organizations express a firm commitment to equality and inclusion, where all employees have the opportunity to thrive. Despite this commitment, inequalities remain.  In the US today, there are significant pay gaps based on gender, race, and disability and an absence of Black and minority ethnic talent at senior levels. These statistics show that despite decades of focused effort, employers continue to find building diverse and inclusive workplace culture a real challenge.  The business case for an approach based on inclusive corporate cultures has never been more apparent, and the reputational risk and legal exposure of inaction have never been greater. Target setting and affirmative action can help, but they do nothing to address the root causes of inequality deeply ingrained in corporate culture. Good intentions and reassuring words are not enough to improve employee experience in a company.


We expect more companies to be pressed for diversity disclosures, which raises compliance concerns for all stakeholders.  Our simple but powerful assessment model provides a way of making culture tangible and understandable, establishes a shared commitment to action, and gives everyone involved a vocabulary in discussing it. Crucially, it also identifies the specific management and leadership behaviors that will help you achieve and maintain a truly inclusive culture. CultureQuest is a multi-award-winning online assessment and improvement management toolkit to help organizations measure and track progress towards building a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture. It is a platform that gathers employee feedback from across an organization, presents the findings back to leadership and employees at all levels while incorporating tools to actively involve everyone in the improvement process.


“Tivian is making culture and DEI a priority for employers by making these critical elements visible, measurable, and actionable. The world needs these kinds of tools now more than ever.” –Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

CultureQuest supports improvement action at all levels. For example, employee feedback is integrated with HRIS data to give a complete picture of the employee experience. This data can then be used by senior leadership or HR to improve talent management processes or implement leadership development programs, for example. The fact that these can be truly evidence-based means that improvement initiatives can be targeted in a way that takes the guesswork out of the equation. Just as important is that the impact of any improvement initiatives can be tracked in real-time. For example, suppose an employer invests a large amount of time and money in large-scale unconscious bias training for managers. In that case, we can use the CultureQuest assessment to measure the impact this is having on the experience of the people reporting to the trained manager—this can help prevent wasting resources on initiatives that are not having the desired impact.


Tivian brings together a strong philosophy of the importance of listening to employees to drive corporate effectiveness, the power to act through advanced analytics capabilities, and a roadmap that will see AI, predictive analytics, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and biometric indicators incorporated within its platform to drive better insight and decision-making. The company has headquarters in New York, with offices in Houston, London, Berlin, Oslo, and Cologne.


Tivian helps great organizations capture and harness experience data to drive business listening, deeper insights, and better decision-making through advanced analytics and cutting-edge AI technology. Tivian’s intelligent experience management platform increases corporate effectiveness and enables a smarter business world, empowered by insight. Built on 20 years of experience in enterprise feedback management, Tivian provides over 400 customers in 35 countries with the ability to take action and achieve their objectives. For more information, please visit www.tivian.com or follow us on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.

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