How Tivian’s platform can help you foster a culture of feedback


Feedback-seeking behaviour has quickly become the norm in the changing working environment, indicating that feedback is no longer something that is simply endured by employees and managers, but something that is actively sought and embraced. 

Fostering a culture of feedback is not only important for individual performance and growth, but for giving your organisation a competitive advantage where knowledge-sharing, creativity and innovation are encouraged, creating improved employee experiences on the whole. 

We explore how Tivian’s powerful software platform, designed to uncover insights and inspire action, can help you analyse employee feedback, communicate change, measure improvement and foster a great culture of feedback.

Employee engagement in the “new normal”

It’s no secret that the workplace as we know it has transformed. COVID sped up the adoption of remote working practice, which came with new platforms and technologies employees needed to adjust to. Changes to how employees work within the “new normal” have left companies wondering what “business as usual” now looks like and how to make the most of it. 

Amidst these changes, employees are questioning whether their place of work still gives them a sense of purpose and encourages their professional growth, resulting in what’s now been coined the “great resignation”, and employers are starting to notice that the loss of top-performing employees is a cost they can longer afford to ignore.

With employees reassessing how their employers contribute to their development and overall career satisfaction, it’s become apparent that traditional modes of engagement like rousing town-halls are no longer adequate for individual job satisfaction. Employees are looking for new experiences, roles and responsibilities, and want the assurance that their voices will be heard when it comes to both giving and receiving feedback. 

Why businesses need to foster a culture of feedback

Companies with a healthy feedback culture are familiar with the benefits feedback can have on employee retention, business performance, transparency and accountability, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. But a good culture of feedback requires more than an annual or bi-annual employee survey – it’s an ongoing cultural practice that needs to be fostered across the organisation.

Feedback is, at the end of the day, data that can be used for improvement, both on an individual and organisational level, but amidst the hassle of inefficient processes and tools, the core objective of giving and receiving feedback is lost and opportunities for real change are missed. 

This can be addressed through a more efficient feedback culture, supported by effective tools that can help improve employee engagement overall. Solutions that help foster a culture of 360 degree feedback, encourage goal alignment, and drive better employee-leadership conversations can have a positive impact on employee engagement, which in turn leads to better business outcomes. This is why HR managers and business leaders need to prioritise measuring, analysing and continuously improving their employee experience – starting with meaningful feedback.

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Action is impossible without insights

While there are steps you can take to implement a culture of feedback in your own organisation, having the mechanisms in place to discover, collect and analyse the insights that surround feedback are crucial to taking action that is appropriate and beneficial. 

The right digital tools can enable a culture of feedback by reducing time and resource usage while providing information that is useful on your journey in implementing changes and improvements. 

Encourage meaningful feedback with Discover XI

Tivian’s Discover XI solution, powered by technologies like knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence, can help you uncover the keys to transforming your company’s employee experience. Made for new ways of working, Discover XI lets you uncover the blindspots in your organisation and identify where problems need addressing or where improvements can be made. 

Discover XI puts leaders in control with self-service capabilities that allow for granular feedback from segmented groups within their organisations, empowering an effective culture of feedback. With Discover XI, leaders can:

  • Create the right survey questions and analyse the results in a completely new way
  • Collaborate and ideate to ensure effective and targeted action planning
  • Gain improved insights through powerful always-on reporting and data dashboards
  • Continually measure employee experience through continuous listening capabilities

Enterprise organisations can get value from Tivian’s highly configurable solution, saving time and money and ensuring every voice is heard and contributing to making a meaningful difference, backed by meaningful insights. 

Feedback is nothing without action

Traditional surveys are dead and listening is no longer enough. You have to act to improve the employee journey, and a good culture of feedback is only possible with action, as the most crucial aspect of any evaluation is results. 

Most employee experience solutions focus on either feedback and surveys or effective communication. But the most effective tools offer a complete, 360-degree approach to the employee experience by uncovering insights and delivering action. The entire point of feedback is to change your business for the better, and with solutions like Tivian’s software, you can gain robust data that empowers you to drive change. 

Go beyond feedback with Communicate XI

Valuable feedback enabled by sophisticated tools helps you turn insights directly into actions, leading to improved communication and better resource allocation. Tivian’s unique training and communication solutions, along with personalised dashboards, allow leaders to create trust, foster a culture of feedback, and drive meaningful change. 

Communicate XI supports effective cultures of feedback by helping leaders and managers establish an engaging workplace culture that boosts retention, drives talent acquisition, and improves the employee experience. 

Communicate XI takes inspiration from modern, data-driven marketing tactics, allowing you to cut through the noise with targeted, personalised campaigns that support multiple channels, including video, email, SMS, web, and even print. By building campaigns that engage teams with timely, lively content that keeps them focused, aligned and entertained, employees will not only feel more valued, but be more encouraged to provide feedback as and when they like, not just when required.


Fostering a culture of feedback should be a high priority for HR managers and leaders looking to actively retain talent, improve business processes and get ahead in a changed world of work. With the support of solutions like those offered by Tivian, employers can build trust, gain valuable feedback and proactively address issues within their teams, leading to a better employee experience and more meaningful work environment. 

Tivian can help you foster a culture of feedback that thrives. Our tools can enable you to gain and use feedback effectively, and inspire an improved organisational environment that employees want to be part of. Reach out to our expert team to start fostering your own feedback culture that works.

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