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Safeguard your organization from economic risk and reputational damage while building trust and transparency with your stakeholders and investors using our proven ESG risk management solution.

Measure Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Risk Across Your Operations

Operational risks

Whistleblowing, Accidents, Failures, Pollution, Penalties, Health, Safety

Supply chain risks

CSR, Child Labor, Resource Scarcity, Extreme Weather

Product risk

Toxic Chemicals, Recalls, Boycotts, Governance

Reduce risk and protect your business by embedding ESG management processes

  • Drives better organizational performance
  • Protects your business against unforeseen ESG risk
  • Increases attractiveness to investors
  • Improves efficiency of ESG programs
  • Involves employees in achieving ESG objectives

Tivian's complete suite of solutions helps organizations capture and act on insights from their employees, customers, and the market


Stay ahead of issues by providing a safe and secure space for your people to disclose corporate misconduct observations and reduce the risk of damage to your performance and reputation.

Employee Lifecycle

Seamlessly and efficiently manage conflicts of interest (COI) and disclosures to reduce risk, improve compliance, and manage your governance.

Diversity & Inclusion

Build a more inclusive company culture and root out inequality and unconscious bias by examining and addressing collective traits.

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