Tivian acquires GuideSpark: the future of employee experience


On November 4, 2021, Tivian announced its strategic acquisition of GuideSpark. Tivian is regarded as the leader in employee experience management, while GuideSpark is the pioneer in workforce change communications. These organizations offer revolutionary integrations that aim to help employees, HR managers, and business leaders with their respective workforce initiatives and business transformation.

With the acquisition, the organizations will provide comprehensive, synthesized, and tailor-fit services that drive change, performance, and results. Guided by experience and feedback, both Tivian and GuideSpark are looking to integrate revolutionary strategies and organizational successes for a more proactive and dynamic employee experience.

With this groundbreaking news, what can HR managers, business leaders, and employees look forward to? Let’s discover the unique, progressive, and effective strategies that both Tivian and GuideSpark provide to understand what’s coming next.


Tivian: Utilizing AI Technology and Advanced Analytics

“The winners of tomorrow will be the companies that bring personalized communications to their workforce with a focus on improving their experience,” said Frank Møllerop, CEO of Tivian, on the acquisition. “Effective employee communication is a prerequisite for corporate effectiveness in any company, which is why we’ve created an end-to-end solution that brings customer marketing technology principles to HR.”


We’ve highlighted one of the most successful integrations Tivian has championed to date that led to diverse, long-lasting, and effective results.


National Health Service

As the times continue to shift and the conventional workplace continues to transform, the battles for racial and gender disparities persist. Despite the various initiatives undertaken by the National Health Service (NHS), absorption of such values doesn’t seem to penetrate senior levels, which reported a mean gender pay gap of over 30%.

The purpose of Tivian’s research was to provide actionable insights into cultural factors that contribute to inequality, under-representation of women, and pay gaps of women and Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) employees at the senior level. The assessment shined a light on equality expectations that are not being met, and showed inconsistency with figures from the same employment sectors. Results also determined that only 34% of men and 38% of women on the NHS staff are “fully committed to equal opportunity for all staff.”

Aside from these figures, respondents also identified which traits should be most valued for them to be able to perform optimally. These traits – compassion, open-mindedness, and empathy – are focused on inclusivity.

Before taking any action, Tivian suggested the NHS address the problems identified in the research, including constant scrutiny of the procedures and decisions involved in recruitment, promotion, and performance management. Tone and language across organizational materials related to recruitment, competency assessment and frameworks, career development, and performance management will also be evaluated, with the aim of eliminating gender bias rooted in unstructured and informal recruitment assessment and procedures. Ultimately, the implementation of best practices and managers’ commitment to talent management must go hand-in-hand to achieve long-lasting results and workplace transformation.

Using the data gathered from clients, Tivian focuses their efforts in improving the employee experience in relation to diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, and employee touchpoints. They recommend that organizations examine and address collective traits in order to build an inclusive company culture that eradicates inequality and unconscious bias.

In addition, integrating a focus on employee experience will empower employee performance, resulting in improved organizational achievements. Employee engagement should monitor, analyze, and provide an avenue for improvement in mobilizing the organizational workforce. Similarly, companies can prioritize improving employee engagement by identifying employee touchpoints, wherein each employee places value on the most important area of their employee journey –  from hiring and onboarding to promotions and exit. Once this data is collected, organizations can map out employee touchpoints to strategize what can be improved for a more comprehensive experience.


GuideSpark: Improving Employee Experience through Innovative Communications Strategies

“The rapid acceleration of digital transformation and the shift to remote work over the last few years has created an overwhelming amount of employee communications and noise,” said Keith Kitani, former CEO of GuideSpark. “Employees are struggling to keep up and stay engaged, which is why it is vital to deliver effective, relevant, and well-timed messages that drive the right behavior. By combining communication with Tivian’s experience platform, we will provide the first 360-degree employee solution that enables HR organizations to drive real business outcomes.”

Take a look at how GuideSpark has revolutionized the employee experience by working with global and domestic businesses to create unique, results-oriented, and diverse communication strategies.



Known for its revolutionary multimedia and creativity software products, Adobe is a global organization that employs around 24,000 employees – and growing. Despite setting the standard for the multimedia industry, Adobe was having a hard time employing their tech-savvy strategies to engage with employees all around the world. To align with the rapid shifts of the digital age, Adobe’s VP Global Rewards (at the time Senior Director of Global Rewards), Rosemary Arriada-Keiper, sought GuideSpark’s help for a strategic and partnership-based approach to scale their global communications process.

Before GuideSpark came into the picture, Adobe utilized traditional communications channels and standard multimedia materials that did not create a lasting impression on employees, and didn’t connect employees with the organization’s culture or excite them about the benefits available to them. To better connect with employees, Arriada-Keiper understood that the organization needed a cohesive and fresh approach to increase employee engagement. GuideSpark started with Open Enrollment messaging, then moved on to compensation, and finally launched the global rollout of the full solution.

GuideSpark, in collaboration with Adobe, created content libraries to support talent management, and provided analytic tools that Adobe utilized to improve and evolve workplace communication well into the future. As of this publication, the library consists of around 80 accessible videos in their benefits portal and employee microsites. With this library, employees can find answers to their questions through interactive content, and they can understand more of the amazing perks they are entitled to as part of the organization.

Through GuideSpark’s platform, Adobe has consistently seen improvements in employee work cycles. Adobe employees prefer engaging multimedia content distributed through streamlined, automatic communication platforms over traditional, paper-based, and standard multimedia. GuideSpark’s integration not only improved employee engagement throughout the organization: through this unique strategy, Adobe HR saw a decrease in costs as well as the workload of their support call center. By providing understandable materials for Adobe’s consumer-driven health plan (CDHP), employee enrollment increased. In addition, streamlining financial wellness education and maternity leave allowed employees to value their benefits as supplemental to their compensation package.

These interactive content libraries encourage a streamlined understanding of benefits and socialization to company culture, which empowers employees buy-in in the organization. This interest translates to engagement, which in turn results in high-performing employees.



By merging the strengths of two experience-driven organizations, Tivian and GuideSpark, companies can expect nothing but the best when it comes to driven, long-lasting, and tailored strategies that aim to help employees come together, perform better, and stay longer.

Every organization must put its best foot forward in providing integrated HR solutions that will attract, retain and grow their talents. As the future of the workplace continues to evolve, organizations should evolve as well. It is not enough to communicate with employees. In this crucial stage of workplace evolution, organizations must integrate a world-class employee experience that will drive both management and employees to succeed.