About Tivian

Helping our customers gather, understand, and act on experience data

About Tivian

Our story

For 20 years, we’ve been helping our users improve their corporate effectiveness by collecting customer and employee experience data, understanding, and acting on experience data. We are innovators in our industry, moving from passive experience management to proactive intelligent experience management. We use emerging technology to offer a complete view of the employee and customer journey to help drive corporate effectiveness.
We believe that every organization should have the tools they need to listen, learn, and adapt. And that every customer and employee should be able to make themselves heard.

Our people

We’re a global team of technologists and domain experts who believe in the transformational power of experience data and the value it delivers to our customers, allowing them to understand and take action on the insights.
We’re working together to redefine the role of feedback in business and society by helping organizations gather, understand, and act on experience data.

Our Leadership Team