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Customers have higher expectations than ever. Our platform helps customer success teams and managers to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.

We have the flexibility and scalability to support any programme, from annual customer satisfaction surveys to targeted, event-driven follow-ups.

Why Tivian?

Modular approach

Access a suite of powerful customer experience modules that can be combined and configured in countless ways.


Configure every aspect of the platform, from the design of the interface through to dashboards and reporting.

CRM integration

Break down information silos for a more complete picture of your customer.


Empower managers

Give your managers the capabilities and the insights they need to improve the customer experience.

Personalised reporting

Set different levels of visibility for different users, from reports specific to one location to overviews of the entire organization’s CX performance.

More responsive

Get automated alerts on negative feedback so you can reach out and solve the problem before it leaves a lasting impression.

Be more proactive

Gather new ideas for improving your people’s experience and manage their rollout from within the platform.

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