Build brand advocacy and customer loyalty by understanding and improving experiences across the customer journey


Improve the moments that matter

In today’s world, brands are built not through marketing but the delivery of exceptional customer experiences. Every interaction with your current or potential customer is an opportunity to build brand advocacy and customer loyalty. Still, it also presents a risk that you create a detractor who negatively impacts your business.

Having a solution that helps you better understand your customer journey, both from your customers’ perspective and your employees, will allow you to deliver a customer experience that will drive business growth. Identify critical moments that matter, capture customer feedback and insights, and act fast to fix individual customer issues and route out systemic customer experience failures.

Take your customer experience to the next level

Feedback when it matters

Configurable solution that allows you to identify the moments that matter and automatically capture insights that will enable you to transform your customer experience

Real-time notifications

Automatic notifications, in-built escalation workflows, and comprehensive case management mean you can manage an issue through to resolution and follow-up surveys let you see if you’ve turned a detractor into a brand advocate

Employee ideation

Let the people who know your customers best ideate on ways to fix recurrent issues and improve the customer experience

Role-based dashboards

Get a clear picture of how you are doing in your journey to transform the customer experience with KPI tracking, trend analysis, and case management overviews

Build long-lasting customer relationships using Tivian's intelligent insights

  • Highly configurable to fit your processes and practises
  • Multi-channel feedback from website popups to emailed surveys
  • Supports simple NPS and CSAT surveys through personalised journey specific surveys
  • Seamlessly integrates to 3rd party CRMs and Case Management applications
  • Instant alerts through push notifications and emails
  • Easy to use case management with intelligent workflow
  • Ideation feature to help you harness the insights of your employees to fix systemic customer experience failures
  • Real-time analytics and dashboards to drive improved performance

Tivian's complete suite of solutions helps organizations capture and act on insights from their employees, customers, and the market

Sales Experience

Tivian’s Salespulse is a native Salesforce app that enables you to maximize the returns of your sales teams’ efforts while continuously improving the customer experience.


Make data-driven decisions by using intelligent insights to refine and improve your customer experience strategy.

Customer Experience

Build trust with your customer base with our responsive platform designed to elevate every step of the buyer’s experience.

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