A robust and agile platform for advanced market researchers.

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We help agencies and in-house specialists conduct sophisticated market research projects. Our robust and highly-configurable platform and panel capabilities can be adapted to suit almost any project, no matter how complex and large.

Why Tivian?

Highly Flexible

A complete solution for all areas of market research, from panels to “pop-up” communities.

Smarter Surveys

Use advanced features like personalisation, gamification, and quotas to increase the value and relevance of every insight captured.


Deliver Projects Faster

Launch new research projects in just a few hours and build custom automations to reduce manual work.


Engage Respondents

Improve response rates by segmenting, managing, and incentivising your respondents from within the platform.

Powerful Reporting

Build interactive and customisable dashboards and reports that deliver insights faster.

Research Communities

Create a digital home for your research with mobile first communities that strengthen relationships. Add discussions, forums, and incentives to give you access to research fast.

Panel module

Market-leading panel module that allows you to recruit, manage, and engage your panel research members. You can determine the status of each of the panelists.

Tivian’s Robust and Agile Research Platform

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