A robust and agile platform for advanced market researchers


Unmatched insights

We help agencies and corporate Insight Teams conduct market research. Our robust and highly configurable platform that delivers survey, reporting, dashboarding, and panel capabilities can be adapted to suit almost any project, no matter how complex and large.
Tivian’s all-in-one platform helps you gain an understanding of employee, customer, product, and brand experiences. With this knowledge, you can increase sales, acquire new customers, understand which products and services to build or improve, and reduce customer churn.

Why Tivian?

Highly flexible

A complete solution for all areas of market research, from panels to “pop-up” communities.

Smarter surveys

Use advanced features like personalisation, gamification, and quotas to increase the value and relevance of every insight captured.

Deliver projects faster

Launch new research projects in just a few hours and build custom automations to reduce manual work and get insights quicker.

Engage respondents

Improve response rates by segmenting, managing, and incentivising your respondents from within the platform.

Powerful reporting and dashboarding

Build interactive and customisable dashboards and reports that deliver insights faster.

Research communities

Create a digital home for your research with mobile-first communities that strengthen relationships and add discussions, forums, and quick polls to give you access to research fast.

Panel module

Market-leading panel module allows you to recruit, manage, and engage your panel research members using powerful panel administration features.

Quick and slick market research

Fast insights

Increase responsiveness: deliver insight in hours, not days.

Save money

Lower operational costs: increase efficiency and preserve margins through automation.


Reduce complexity: simple polls to sophisticated research techniques all through one platform.

Discover your targets using Tivian’s robust and agile research platform

  • Online surveys: from simple one-question polls to the most complex multi-lingual research projects
  • Panel management module: a complete solution to recruit, manage, engage and listen to your panelists
  • Communities: create closer relationships and deeper qualitative understanding with mobile-first communities
  • Analytics: Interactive and customisable dashboards and reports that deliver insights in hours
  • Bulk reporting: Automate the creation and delivery of thousands of customised Powerpoint or PDF reports

Tivian's complete suite of solutions helps organizations capture and act on insights from their employees, customers, and the market

MX Analytics

Increase your market intelligence by collecting and analyzing your customer data to make informed decisions for your business.

Employee Experience

Transform your company with our flexible solution, scalable to any listening program, from large-scale census surveys to continuous listening.

Customer Experience

Build trust with your customer base with our responsive platform designed to elevate every step of the buyer’s experience.

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