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Tivian Leadership 360 puts feedback and insights into the hands of your leaders, 24/7. Whether it’s a personal development goal, or a wider leadership improvement initiative, we will guide you to be the best you can be.

Tivian wins 2022 HR Tech Award for Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution in Employee Experience

Leadership 360

Take your leaders to the next level with Tivian’s leadership development solution.

Democratising leadership development

Tivian Leadership 360 brings the power of feedback to leaders at all levels. Developed with some of the world’s largest companies, Leadership 360 enables on-demand feedback from your manager, peers, subordinates, and colleagues. This results in detailed insight about your strengths and weaknesses, and Tivian’s AI engine helps you personalise your own action plan for improvement. Leadership 360 is also highly complementary to personal leadership coaching, and both are more effective when paired with each other.

Next generation leadership development

Available for everyone

Put your leaders in control of their own development with a solution for all levels of your organisation that can be up and running in minutes

Actionable insights

Real-time analytics and reports increase self-awareness by highlighting strengths, development areas, and recommended actions that guide leaders towards meaningful improvement

Control and visibility

Centralised tools for HR allow you to monitor and govern your leadership development program, and facilitate more strategic development based on leadership competencies

See the big picture

Executive dashboards allow you to identify trends and patterns across different regions and leader demographics to help inform your approach to leadership development

Feedback is critical to developing high-performing leaders.

Feedback highlights individual progress, identifies areas for improvement, uncovers blind spots in skills, and measures training effectiveness. However, traditional 360-degree methods of collecting leadership feedback are resource and time-intensive, meaning HR teams have to prioritise their activities for a narrow group of higher-level executives. In these settings, feedback is centralised and calendar-driven, not democratised, and not on-demand. This stifles the opportunities to develop and progress.

In addition, employees often shy away from including criticism in feedback, especially when giving feedback to senior leaders. Candid, unbiased feedback is key for leaders to get an accurate picture of their blind spots, so they can address the right development areas.

Failing to invest in employees is dangerous for the business.

Employees want to develop; fail to invest in their careers and they’ll leave, increasing skills shortages and holding back transformation.

44% of employees felt that their company doesn’t sufficiently value their development.

Old-style approaches may suit hierarchical organisations, but don’t deliver in today’s dispersed, project-based businesses as they embrace modern ways of working. With senior management focused on leadership development, HR has to transform its methods to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business world.

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