Putting cx and ex at the heart of retail

Boden stays laser-focused on improving the customer experience.

The Challenge

Since disrupting the online retail sector over a quarter of a century ago, Boden has grown to become a fashion tour de force, providing vibrancy, colour, and quality. Starting life as a catalogue business focused on customer excellence and experience, Boden has since expanded online and into physical shops in the UK and further afield, including China, Germany, and the United States.

Being online first means that Boden is no stranger to online pressures, used to shape-shifting to remain in vogue. However, when it comes to customers, that’s a pressure that never lets up. Staying laser-focused on delivering better products and better customer experience than the competition requires a knack for getting inside the customer’s head.

The Solution

Boden chose to work with Tivian to transform its feedback processes, providing a centralised platform spanning customers, employees, and market research. Above all else, there was a drive and desire to achieve synergies gained from having a combined view of customer, employee, and market experience data. 

Tivian appealed to Boden due to its ability to deliver this flexibility on an industrial-strength software platform and, above all, its team and approach. Tivian’s enterprise feedback solution is now being used to collect feedback from employees and customers. As well as running customer experience surveys, it also supports Boden’s 15,000 customer market research panel. 

This provides deep insight from passionate consumers, giving Boden the ability to test new ideas and products, and understand how and where it can improve. On the employee side Boden has shifted from a single, annual survey of its 800 staff to a more regular approach that better reflects its values, with quarterly pulses to increase the frequency of listening and to help enable greater agility of subsequent action.

The Results

Boden is already seeing significant benefits and feels it has a platform that can support its future needs. “We’ve now got a more flexible platform – while we’re still building how we use it with Tivian’s help we can see it has everything that we need to ensure feedback is at the heart of our business,” says Charlotte Wiggins, who leads research efforts at Boden.

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