communicate xi:
reach employees where they are.

It’s not enough to simply gather key data and put it on the shelf. Complete the Tivian 360-degree process with COMMUNICATE XI. Targeted video, email, and SMS campaigns engage your team with timely, relevant communications. Anytime, anywhere.

Act like a marketer.
With Communicate XI you can run employee campaigns like the biggest brands.


Create and coordinate segmented campaigns and to reach and engage your team


View your communications in one calendar across employee groups, channels and timelines


Leverage the data to ensure your campaigns are working, or get ready to tweak the plan


Scale communications by integrating into your existing systems and channels

Content is King

Is it interesting? In today’s remote or hybrid workplace, content rules, and nothing gets the message across faster than well-crafted, well-timed videos, targeted news, infographics, and audio content. Communicate XI’s easy-to-use interface is designed to deliver dynamic, personalized content to today’s always-connected, content-hungry workforce. 

Communicate Calendar

Measure twice, cut once with a global view of all your communications to quickly coordinate across employee groups, channels, messages and campaigns. Coordinate communications across the enterprise to reduce overload and improve the employee experience.

Communicate Messages

Where are they? With today’s dispersed workforce, you need to use every tool in the box. Send and track any message or notification through your communication channels to ensure the critical information lands where it’s supposed to, whether it’s on the factory floor, the break room or in a busy coffee shop. 

Data and Analytics

Is it working? The best marketers know the key to success is not only delivering the right message. It’s utilizing the latest technology to track it. Understanding the data is the key to getting the message right. Our communication analytics tools allow you to measure what’s working, fix what isn’t, then and refine your communications. Quickly.

“Remote onboarding is the new way of the world. [Communicate XI] is the only product on the market to effectively manage and support new hire processes, and provide ongoing communications.”


Amber Murat

Director of Organizational Development
St. Joseph's Health

It's time to transform the employee experience.

Traditional communications aren’t working for today’s employees. Join hundreds of enterprises that are re-imagining communications to drive employee alignment, action, and adoption of core HR programs.