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Our platform gives every manager in your organisation the ability to listen, learn, and take action to improve the experience and drive effectiveness.

We have the flexibility and scalability to support any listening programme, from large-scale data collection to continuous and locally-managed data collection programmes.

Why Tivian?

Manage everything from one platform

Improve every aspect of the employee experience, from engagement data collection to employee lifecycle management and leadership, from one easy-to-use platform.

Partner with domain experts

Our advisors are always here to help you ask the right questions, interpret your data, roll out solutions, measure their impact, and present your findings to the board.


Empower your leaders

Our tools and training help your leaders take greater ownership of the employee experience while giving your HR team total oversight and control.

Total flexibility

Every organisation is unique. Whatever your structure, strategy, or goals, we configure our solution to meet your needs and organisational structure.

Adopt continuous listening

Identify issues proactively to drive dialogue and transparency so you can improve your culture and performance.

Experience apps

Access off-the-shelf, ready-to-use software and self-serve guides to solve the most common management challenges while still maintaining centralised control.

"Business benefits have included increased engagement, authentic feedback and insight, over 40% reduced costs, rich input into strategic projects and, most importantly, cultural change."

Kam Somal
Group Head of Organisational Development at RSA


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