How to Prioritise Developing Leadership Skills with Tivian’s 360 Platform


Here at Tivian, we place a great emphasis on leadership development. It’s one of the main ‘whys’ behind our leadership tool for HR teams. Feedback is critical to developing high-performing leaders, but employees are known to shy away from giving honest criticism and feedback to senior figures, especially if your company doesn’t breed a feedback culture. So, we created a solution to bridge that gap. In this article, we explore how you can make developing leadership skills an organizational priority with our Leadership 360 platform.

Traditional 360 methods can be the source of further issues since they can stifle growth and progress because leadership is complex and not an exact science. Being a good leader is about more than being well-liked. Great leaders inspire their teams and get employees aligned and motivated towards individual development and shared goals, and this can be a huge factor in employee retention. But success depends on a myriad of other soft skills that are the result of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

By embracing modern ways of working, HR teams have the power to transform leadership development and meet the needs of an evolving workforce. Uniting those soft skills with talent and empathy is the key to delivering a successful leadership program, but this can only be achieved with transparency and insight. Tivian’s Leadership 360 tool gives you access to valuable, real-time feedback that helps to develop leaders who are aligned with company values, in tune with their people and dedicated to striving for success and continued improvement.

The importance of prioritizing leadership development

If you don’t make developing leadership skills a top priority, you put employee morale, engagement and productivity at risk, which can make retaining talent difficult. Leaders should embody the company values to foster the right culture

Leadership development also enables you to gain an edge over competitors. A well-functioning workforce relies on great leadership. Most leadership skills develop from soft skills, such as active listening, empathy, communication and fairness, and that can be learned and honed over time. And feedback is a huge part of that. 

The role of feedback in developing leadership skills

In recent years, we’ve seen the impact of unforeseen events on business security and employee morale. In uncertain times, organizations are forced to assess the strength of their leadership. The pandemic forced many organizations and their employees apart physically and the onus was on leadership teams to keep everyone aligned and reassured. 

Those that were not able to maintain good communication during these times experienced issues with productivity, motivation and trust. Without visibility over employee sentiment and how they’re dealing with changes in circumstances, remote working and new ways of communicating, teams will become siloed, employees disengaged and valuable members will leave as a result. According to Gartner’s research, 91% of HR leaders are concerned about employee turnover in the near future.

Communicating a vision and continuing to inspire employees during times of adversity requires a smart leadership strategy and high levels of engagement. Providing easy ways for employees to voice their concerns and opinions, promoting a culture of honesty and gathering regular, purposeful feedback enables leaders to pinpoint blind spots and gain self-awareness, which feeds your leadership development. 

Amid the so-called ‘Great Resignation’, investment in developing leadership skills is more crucial than ever. The old adage that people don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers still rings true. By listening to your employees and utilizing software to gain meaningful insights from their feedback, leaders can identify where their strengths lie and where there’s room for improvement. Enhancing leadership development can increase employee engagement and motivation, which in turn helps your organization to retain top talent.

How Tivian’s 360 tool helps organizations to prioritize developing leadership skills

Today’s technology-driven world allows us to use data-driven insights and capabilities to improve and drive greater productivity. Tivian’s Leadership 360 platform enables leaders to get feedback from various people across the organization for detailed, qualitative insights into your strengths and weaknesses. It empowers employees to share candid feedback that helps leaders see the bigger picture and identify opportunities to grow.

While leadership coaching can be incredibly effective, timely feedback is integral to developing leadership skills. Our transformative solution gives leaders access to unbiased feedback from all segments. This feedback can then be reviewed, dissected and internalized to help improve your performance in alignment with the rest of the company.

A sign of a great leader is being open to criticism, listening to others and having a desire to improve. And Tivian’s innovative leadership tool, developed alongside the Impact/Motivation Quadrant, is a great indicator of leadership success. See the simple diagram below:

Impact and Motivation Quadrant

With real-time analytics and reports, self-awareness is increased for current and aspiring leaders, guiding them toward meaningful development. Our software puts feedback and insights directly in front of leaders, 24/7. Whether for professional growth, or a wider leadership development initiative, Tivian’s Leadership 360 platform will set leaders on the path to improvement.


Developing leadership skills within your organization should be a top priority. Better leaders drive optimal performance from those around them, resulting in higher productivity and lower attrition. In an uncertain, fast-changing working world, teams look up to leaders to empathize, motivate, inspire and navigate them through tough periods, helping them to improve, develop and grow.

But every personality is unique, as is every organization, so getting the right feedback from within the businesses is the most important factor in leadership development. And utilizing software solutions like Tivian to collect, evaluate and leverage that feedback will transform leadership capabilities and strengthen the relationship between leaders and their teams, delivering an array of benefits for your business. After all, lose your people and you lose everything. 

If you’re ready to empower and develop your leaders, why not begin a free Leadership 360 trial today? Or book a call with a member of the Tivian team to discuss your organization’s leadership needs.