How do you encourage leadership growth? How do you stay competitive in your market? 

Fostering new leaders within your organisation ensures you maximise your talent and cultivate a culture that allows your business to stay competitive. Nurture future leaders at all levels of your organisation with our easy-to-use, on-demand solution for leadership growth, including central control and governance for HR professionals.   

Next generation leadership development solution   


Available for everyone

Put your leaders in control of their own development with a solution that can be up and running in minutes.

Actionable insights

Real-time dashboards and PDF reports highlight key leadership development areas, while recommended actions and collaboration tools empower leaders to work with their colleagues towards meaningful improvement.


Control and visibility

Centralised tools for HR allow you to keep control over leadership development and priorities. Executive dashboards let you see the bigger picture.

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Self-service portal Checkmark Checkmark
Multi-language support Checkmark Checkmark
Multi-rater support – including external raters Checkmark Checkmark
Recommendations & collaborative action management Checkmark Checkmark
Comprehensive dashboards Checkmark Checkmark
Downloadable reports Checkmark Checkmark
Personalisation with own branding & model Cross Checkmark
Integration into own business systems & processes Cross Checkmark
Automated and configurable rater-group selection Cross Checkmark
Executive dashboards for central HR Cross Checkmark
Survey support for employees without email Cross Checkmark
HR Monitoring module Cross Checkmark
Crowd-source ideation guide Cross Checkmark
Access to Tivian Leadership Experts Cross Checkmark

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