Achieving 360 leadership: welcome to Tivian’s leadership development tool


Strong leadership is key for motivating, inspiring and retaining top talent. We look at why your business should strive for 360 leadership and how Tivian’s leadership feedback and development tool can transform your employee experience and boost talent retention.

Why 360 leadership is crucial for today’s hybrid working model

As businesses wrestle with the challenges of managing a hybrid working environment, the importance of developing leaders has never been clearer. With fewer face-to-face interactions, reduced visibility and communication difficulties (where cloud solutions enabling seamless communication are not yet in place), there’s a high risk of employee disengagement and a disconnect forming between individuals, teams and managers (and the senior leadership team).

A 360 leadership approach powered by feedback can get you back on track. This helps employers gain greater visibility over employee satisfaction, performance and progress, identify potential issues and areas for improvement and gather actionable insights to support leadership development. It also makes managers more accountable for their leadership competencies.

The pandemic opened business leaders’ eyes to the impact of uncertainty and unexpected events and the importance of implementing better processes to deal with VUCA environments.

Organisations need to adapt, not only to survive but to thrive in today’s business world. VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), and the risks associated, must be managed effectively. And this requires businesses to prioritise developing leaders with the right skills and attributes to handle these situations and drive success.

Barriers to strong leadership

This is all easier said than done, right? Businesses know they need a greater emphasis on developing leaders, but various factors can hinder progress.

In Deloitte’s 2021 Human Capital Trends Report, respondents identified leadership as the top factor that drives change. But as organisations look to drive this change and steer the workforce in the right direction, there are barriers to strong leadership, such as: 

  • Not having a leadership development programme in place
  • The lack of an open feedback culture 
  • Poor internal communication
  • Misalignment and disconnect between leadership and employees
  • Too many competing priorities
  • The need for a clearly mapped out future vision

How Tivian empowers businesses with 360 leadership feedback

Leadership feedback is the fuel for your leadership development programme and Tivian can empower your business by giving you the tools to gather, analyse and leverage insights to bridge any gaps/disconnects between managers and their teams, develop leadership skills and boost employee engagement

Leveraging leadership feedback enables you to:

  • Identify patterns
  • Have better conversations
  • Establish and develop goals
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase transparency and accountability

Learn more in our blog on how employers can use leadership feedback to their business’ advantage.

Introducing Tivian’s transformational 360 leadership tool

To achieve transformational leadership, you need to leverage technology. So, welcome to Tivian’s 360 leadership tool, Leadership 360 (funnily enough). The tool enables you to harness the power of feedback to grow and develop leaders within your organisation and increase workforce alignment, innovations and performance.

The leadership feedback solution compliments leadership coaching to create a game-changing combination that can take your leadership development to the next level!

Key benefits of Tivian’s Leadership 360 tool

Leadership 360 offers an array of benefits for your business. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect from the platform:

Turn feedback into value

Employee feedback from all levels is like gold dust for businesses and, with Tivian’s help, this feedback can become a hugely valuable commodity for you to drive positive change.

Real-time feedback & actionable insights

With real-time feedback, your leaders can gain timely insights to make meaningful improvements. These insights will increase leader self-awareness by highlighting strengths, weaknesses and aspects in need of development. Tivian’s AI engine helps you personalise your action plan for improvement.

Identify trends, patterns, issues and opportunities

Our 360 leadership solution’s executive dashboards offer invaluable visibility for identifying patterns and recurring themes and uncovering issues, blind spots and opportunities to implement actions and strategies to fix issues and strengthen leadership.

Elevate performance through leadership

Leadership 360 gives you the ability to develop great leaders that can drive superior performance, reduce attrition, boost productivity and inspire innovation.

Better align teams

The insights generated from our leadership feedback platform can strengthen workforce alignment and bring teams together to work toward shared goals and success.

Centralised tools for greater control and visibility

Our centralised tools allow HR teams to monitor and govern your leadership development programme, enjoy more control and visibility over feedback and steer future development based on leadership competencies.

Motivate and inspire employees and retain key talent

Ultimately, your people are your greatest asset and maintaining high staff engagement is key to employee retention. Our leadership development tool helps to embed a continuous improvement mindset and 360 leadership approach, leading to a motivated workforce that’s inspired to be part of your organisation’s future and become leaders themselves. 

Getting started with our 360 leadership tool

Leadership 360 is a next-gen software solution for employers to meet the demands of the digital generation, hybrid working environments and fast-evolving employee expectations. Gain on-demand feedback and insights from managers, peers, subordinates and colleagues to develop and strengthen leadership capabilities.  

So, how can you get started with our 360 leadership tool? You can learn more about Leadership 360 here or get in touch with Tivian to discuss your leadership challenges and ambitions and book a demo.

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