How Tivian’s all-in-one feedback platform enhances employee experience analytics


The world of work is changing and employees have come to expect more from their employers when it comes to their overall career satisfaction. But keeping up with these changes requires educated, data-driven decision-making.

Luckily, in this digitised world, company-wide data is more readily available to be leveraged, and with the right tools on-hand, HR managers and business leaders can start making the most of the data available to them. 

We explore how Tivian drives business growth by giving HR teams the tools they need to listen, learn and act on specifically the employee experience data they gather, ultimately helping them to create an irresistible workplace for current and future employees.

The need for enhanced employee experience analytics for an improved employee experience

Employee experience (EX) is a vital consideration for HR managers looking to attract and retain top talent in their organisation. EX encompasses everything employees experience at your company, from the time they apply for a role to the moment they leave the company. It extends to company culture, leadership interaction, the office environment, the tools, the organisational hierarchy and more. If your employees are encountering it, it’s influencing their EX.  

Understanding this experience is key to building a strong, trusting environment where teams can thrive and your organisation can withstand the waves of change hitting today’s workplace. And while remuneration matters, employees have more complex professional needs that your EX needs to meet, including managerial trust, meaningful work, workplace inspiration, corporate responsibility, freedom to provide feedback, diversity and inclusion, and a sense of belonging. 

But with all these changes you need to keep up with, and all the factors influencing your employees’ EX, how can you discover, create, and communicate a meaningful employee experience? With Tivian’s solutions, you can uncover meaningful insights through your EX analytics, and drive actionable change to create a better EX.

Tivian’s all-in-one platform supports the employee experience

Powered by AI and machine learning, elegant design and a delightful content experience, Tivian’s Employee Experience Management tools uncover insights and inspire action, helping you make sense of your employee experience data to tackle today’s complex workplace environment. 

With Tivian’s Employee Experience Management Software and Solutions, HR managers can:

  • Reduce churn
  • Attract talent
  • Maximise individual and organisational potential
  • Encourage diversity
  • Develop leaders

Tivian’s software helps HR managers uncover the “why” behind their data. By providing context and insights into the quantitative data they have on hand, Tivian is able to support HR managers in making informed decisions when it comes to their company’s employee experience.

How Tivian drives employee engagement through EX analytics

Tivian’s solutions enable you to leverage your EX data effectively through a 360-degree solution. Beginning with data collection, Tivian’s platform lets you conduct thorough research, and its dynamic dashboards can be adapted to suit any employee group, allowing you to identify anomalies that need addressing quickly and easily.

From there, you can quantify issues based on this data and start planning ways to address these efficiently. From this position of being fully informed, you can start delivering improvements by engaging and upskilling your workforce with dynamic content, personalised to their needs. 

Using your employee experience analytics more effectively, you can identify what your employees need to thrive, communicate solutions with meaningful content, and ultimately build a culture of trust that grows your business.

Discover insights and inspire action

Listening to employee needs through traditional, ineffective surveys is no longer enough – you need to actively improve the entire employee journey. While other employee experience solutions either focus on feedback and surveys, or enabling communications like video or email, Tivian meets both these complex needs through one simple solution. Welcome to Employee Experience Intelligence or XI.

Our easy-to-use XI tool includes Discover XI, which uncovers the insights needed to transform your company’s employee experience, and Communicate XI, which allows you to create and run efficient communication campaigns to deliver content to your employees that helps solve identified problems, wherever they are. 

With our XI tool, HR managers can:

  • Run intelligent surveys to discover useful insights
  • Leverage data to deliver targeted and personalised content that inspires action
  • Explore a library of customisable solutions
  • Identify key drivers, made possible by the tool’s AI and machine learning capabilities

Find the answers with Discover XI

To deliver action you need insights, but the speed at which things change makes getting up-to-date answers efficiently a challenge. With Discover XI’s knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence technologies, you can use your data to discover trends, spot problems and nurture talent. 

Discover XI offers:

  • A live, best-in-class HR dashboard that provides oversight of usage
  • An inbuilt hierarchy creator
  • 50+ standard question types with a custom builder
  • Customisable dashboards with AI
  • Always-on PDF/PPT reporting
  • Built-in confidentiality that encourages employee trust
  • Employee journey tracking, from recruiting and onboarding to exiting 

This highly configurable solution helps you answer key questions like “Who needs support?” and “What drivers have the greatest impact?” through granular feedback provided by segmented employee groups. And because the solution works out of the box, businesses of all sizes can save money and time while capturing and harnessing employee experience data that drives deeper insights and improves HR and management decision-making.

Deliver action with Communicate XI

Once you’ve gathered key data through Discover XI, you can act on what you’ve discovered and inspire change through a compelling communication plan that meets employees where they are. Communicate XI makes it possible to create engaging communication campaigns through an easy-to-use interface, designed to deliver personalised content that makes employees feel valued, focused, aligned, and even entertained.

Communicate XI offers:

  • A Communicate Calendar that allows for quick communication coordination across employee groups and locations.
  • A messaging channel that lets you send and track messages and notifications to ensure critical information goes where it needs to go, quickly and easily.
  • Communication data tracking and analytics that gives you oversight of what’s working and what’s not, so that you can refine your communications quickly.

Communicate XI’s content campaign capabilities help you to deliver well-crafted, well-timed videos, targeted news, infographics, and audio content that correlates with your employee experience analytics findings. Deliver the messages your employees need, when they need them, by planning, managing, measuring and scaling your communications effectively with Communicate XI.


An improved employee experience within your own organisation is achievable – you just need to leverage your employee experience analytics effectively to identify the insights needed to make meaningful changes. This is where Tivian can help. Your data, adapted into meaningful insights with Tivian’s employee engagement software solutions, can help you identify problems and action change more quickly, without worrying about added effort or costs. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our solutions can help you transform your employee experience by leveraging your employee experience analytics effectively, contact our team to book a demo and see our tools in action. 

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