At the cutting-edge of experience data for over 20 years.

Our Story

For 20 years, we’ve been helping our users to improve the customer and employee experience by gathering, understanding, and acting on feedback data to drive corporate effectiveness.

Now we’re using new technology to answer even more important questions, like how can we deepen the level of insight we provide? And how can we make that insight more accessible, actionable, and applicable to everyday business decisions?

Finding meaningful answers to these questions has led us to implement with many of the most innovative technologies available today to create intelligent experience management.

Collect and connect

Our systems collect and securely store ever more omni-channel data. And we understand how to make these volumes accessible and usable. We believe in the power that lies in removing data silos, in the ability to connect data from disparate sources, normalising and interacting with it. All to ensure access to deeper connected insights and realise your data’s full potential.

Add AI

We are actively adding AI to EX and CX to simplify experience management. Improve and transform data collection, analysis, and follow-up through the power of machine learning. Get ready, it’s already here.

More users

The users and requests have exponentially scaled. It was 20 people seeking to interpret and understand the data, and now can be hundreds of thousands in just one company. From senior executives to the frontline worker, our dashboards are ready.

Where we are heading

Reveal dark data.

Businesses collect mountains of feedback data using different surveys or listening tools. Most generated data is dark, unavailable for analysis when business users are making decisions. We are working to integrate and unify access to feedback data across tools, revealing customer and employee journeys.

Biometric next.

Biometrics are next. Harness face recognition and emotion recognition and apply it to CX and EX to take understanding to a whole other level. It’s not with us yet, but it’s just a matter of time.